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"5 Days to Sold"
(With a Low 5% Total Commission*)

Generates the Best Offer in the Least Amount of Time

Preparation & Marketing Blitz Creates Showing Frenzy

Your home is showcased using the latest technology available

3D Walk-Thru Home Tours

Buyers around the world can tour your home as if they were actually there

*(5% for homes above $300,000, see calculator below for homes under $300,000)


Dear Home Seller,

My "5 Days to Sold" is a system I developed after years of observing what works and what doesn't.  It should create a showing frenzy which sets the stage for an "auction effect" where buyers get nervous about losing a great home and feel compelled to submit their best offer right upfront.

It's a proactive process that leaves little to chance.

It takes a lot of preparation and planning.  It's not a system for everyone.

Yes, I know it's a seller's market right now but that doesn't mean that you can just stick a sign in your yard and have buyers give you top dollar even though your house is a mess.

If you are willing to take my advice and do what it takes, together we will be able to have a successful sale that will generate the best offer in the least amount of time.

I have outlined my system below in great detail so you know exactly what to expect.   

If you feel that it's something that can work for you, call me now to set up a time when I can meet you at your home to discuss a plan of action.

There are no upfront fees and I offer a no cost early exit stipulation so there is absolutely no risk for you.

If I don't live up to your expectations, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked.

If that sounds reasonable and fair, give me a call and let's get started.


Tim Maitski
Atlanta Communities


HDR (High Dynamic Range) Professional Photos

Have you ever wondered why some listing pictures look so much better than others?

It takes a sturdy tripod, remote shutter release, remote flashes, at least 5 different exposures for each shot, along with a high quality wide angle lens and camera.  Then it takes hours of computer time for a skilled technician using the latest photo editing software to layer the best parts of each exposure together along with straightening vertical lines and other touch-ups.


Which set of photos would you want?
Nikon SLR camera used by an "amateur" Professional HDR photography and processing

A Website That Showcases Big & Beautiful Pictures

Magazine quality photos need to be showcased using a webpage that allows for large format photo tours.  All marketing leads buyers to your individual listing page where your home is showcased to look its best.

Click on photos to go to a sample listing web page.




Marketing Blitz: My marketing blitz gets you exposure immediately.  The first three weeks are critical if you want to get the best price.  According to The Wall Street Journal, the first week of the listing period gets 4 times as many online viewers than it does a month later.  You need to have everything optimized from the start.

1.  Individual display ads on major media websites

2.  Listing is syndicated to 100's of websites so buyers searching for homes on those sites will find your home.


3.  Listing is manually entered into Zillow, Trulia and and CraigsList so that pictures show up immediately on those sites.  Otherwise pictures may take days to show up.


4.  Listing is entered into both multiple listing services where thousands of agents will see your home.



5.  All of the Atlanta real estate firms online websites that have home search tools pull their data from the multiple listings services.  Therefore, your listing will show up in searches done at sites such as:

Keller Williams
Harry Norman
Coldwell Banker
Better Homes and Gardens
Berkshire Hathaway
Dorsey Alston
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International
Solid Source Realty
Chapman Hall
ERA Sunrise Realty
Palmer House Properties
Crye-Leike Real Estate Services
Century 21
and other firms too numerous to mention

6.  Blog post on national real estate blog site

7.  Virtual tour on YouTube

8.  I host an open house on first Sunday of listing period.  Open house advertised in Zillow, Trulia,,, CraigsList.

Apple pie baked in your oven during the open house in order to generate homey smells that will make buyers remember the "apple pie home"

9.  Open house invitations sent to all neighbors.  Word of mouth advertising starts with the neighbors.

10.  Four page 8.5X11  brochure on glossy cardstock for all visitors to take with them so they remember how great your home was. These are gorgeous brochures printed by a high end printer that makes your home look really special. Don't settle for black and white flyers run off on a cheap copy machine.

11.  Agent caravan on first Tuesday of listing period.  This is an open house for agents on their traditional day to go around and visit listings.

12.  Flyer is emailed to 16,700 agents around Atlanta.

13.  Along with a large for sale yard sign, a smaller sign directing people to your webpage.  This allows them to see your listing at its finest instead of on a weathered flyer or an empty flyer box.

14.  Supra iBox Digital Lockbox allows agents access during limited hours.  It also immediately notifies me who showed your home and when they showed it.

Preparation:  I'll help you get your home to be in "showing shape".  You only get to make one first impression.  Be proactive.  Don't wait for feedback from buyers to tell to what to do.  Buyers are reluctant to tell you what they really think.

1.  I walk the property with you and we make a list of what you should do to make the biggest impact for the least amount of effort.  Paint, carpet, cleaning and de-cluttering give you the most bang for the buck.

 2.  I share my list of vendors who can get things done very inexpensively, much less than what a buyer will mentally deduct from their offer.

3.  I recommend you do an informal pre-list "walk and talk" with a certified home inspector.  Don't wait for a buyer's inspector to kill a deal.  Get things repaired ahead of time in the most economical fashion.

4.  Get your HVAC system tuned up.  Don't let an inspector find filthy filters that will make the buyer suspect that nothing has been maintained.  Your system might be old but if a licensed HVAC company gives it a good bill of health  then buyers will probably be OK with it.

5.  I will lend you my portable radon detector so you can have an idea of whether or not radon is going to be an issue.  If you wait for the buyer to do the test, high radon levels will either scare the buyer into terminating the contract or it will cost you more than it has to in order to remediate it.  Remediation is pretty easy and can cost as little as $1000 or as much as $2500 depending on how it's done.  Guess which system the buyer is going to want?  Get it done the most economical way upfront and avoid the drama.

6.  Septic tank?  Get it pumped.   It's only a few hundred dollars and will keep some hesitant buyers in the game.  Buyers are scared of the unknown.  If they don't know where your septic tank is or whether it is full or not they will just assume the worst case scenario.  Don't let them have visions of smelly sewage seeping through their backyard.  Show them where the tank and drain field are located and show them that it was just pumped and should be good to go for another 5 years.

7.  Make sure all light bulbs are working and any "mystery switch" is labeled.  It's amazing how a bad light bulb can make a buyer think that there are major electrical problems.

8.  RATS is a four letter word that you don't want to come up on your inspection report.  Maybe you had a problem and corrected it ten years ago but if the droppings are still around, a buyer will assume that rats are still there.  Who wants the thought of rat poop in the attic that will spread diseases to their little children?  Clean it up.  Otherwise the buyer will want a wildlife exclusion bond which is going to cost you around $2000.

9.  TERMITES is an eight letter word that will sink a deal.  If you have a termite bond, make sure they come out and really check out the entire house before you list.  If you don't have a bond, get a termite inspection done.  Even extensive termite damage can be corrected for less than you might expect.  But if the damage is found by the buyer during the due diligence period, the deal is probably going to die or the buyer is going to ask for a big concession thinking that it will cost much more than it actually will.

Price: Set your home's listing price very close to the market value in order to end up getting the best price.  Don't "test the market" with an initial high price.  Most buyers do not enjoy negotiating. They will just walk on by.  Then when you reduce the price in a month your listing will be stale and buyers will want an even bigger reduction from you new lower list price.  You really need to price your home within 3% of its value in order to generate urgency in buyers.

1.  I'll generate a Comparative Market Analysis and we'll analyze it together.  Anticipate the data appraisers will use.

2.  Together, we'll visit several of the homes currently on the market that will be competing with yours.  You need to know the market so you don't have seller's remorse.  You also need to know what your buyer is looking at.

3.  We'll double check the tax records to make sure the quoted square footage is quoted correctly.  I recently had a seller with a 2100 square foot home showing up in the tax records as only having 1560 square feet. We hired an appraiser to take official measurements and made certain that the buyer's appraiser didn't just go by the incorrect tax records as they many times do.

Creating Anticipation and Urgency:

1.  "Coming Soon" sign posted on property on Friday.

2. "Coming Soon" listing entered into Zillow on  Friday.

3.  No Showings allowed until listing is entered into the MLSs on the following Tuesday.  This creates buyer anticipation for 4 days

4.  We get a showing frenzy with buyers appointments overlapping which generates an auction effect.

5.  Showings continue on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday ending with an open house on Sunday afternoon.

6.  No contracts are negotiated until Sunday at 8pm.

7.  Buyers know they only have one chance so they have to submit their best offer upfront or risk losing out on a great home.

8.  This process is very similar to the HUD foreclosure online auctions and the HomePath Fannie Mae system.  They hold off on evaluating offers until everyone is given a fair chance to see the property. 


I'm There Every Step of the Way


You Work with Me From Start to Finish: You get me, not some low level assistant.  You don't have to deal with a new person at different stages of the process.  You get entered as a contact into my cell phone and then have access to me 24/7.


Negotiations:  I advise you throughout the negotiations.  You have the final decision, but I provide you with my years of experience to help you get the most possible and not leave anything on the table.


Meet with the Appraiser: I leave nothing to chance.  Appraisers are swamped and might not have the time to do what they really should.  There might be some key sales in the neighborhood that aren't showing up in the MLS.  They might not have time to take measurements of the home and might just rely on the data in the tax records.  If that information is incorrect, someone needs to be there to inform them of it.


Title Search Done Upfront:  Title issues are rare but when they come up, it can take a lot of time to deal with.  That's why I work with a closing attorney who runs the title search before we list, not a week or two before closing like most others do.  I've seen a mortgage that was paid off years ago but the lender forgot to file the satisfaction of mortgage at the courthouse.  What if that paid off lender is out of business?  It can take time to get things straightened out


Market Updates:  A search is set up that at will immediately notify us when a new listing comes on the market that might compete with yours.  The market is dynamic and you have to know what's going on and adjust accordingly.


Contract to Close: I'm there every step of the way.  Inspection issues need to be negotiated. Repair estimates might be needed. Information needs to be relayed to buyers such as utility switch over.  Any final walk-thru issues are dealt with.


Attend the Closing: I attend the closing mainly for your comfort and support.  It's usually the happiest time of the transaction for everyone.


You Have Nothing to Lose

No Upfront Fees: You only pay if and when your home sells.  There are no crazy consultation fees or extra administration fees. No extra fees for lockboxes or photos.  No extra charges for the fees that the FMLS charges me.

Easy-Exit Listing Agreement: Satisfaction Guaranteed. If for some reason you change your mind or are unhappy with my service, you can cancel at any time.  I'll even pay the $25 withdrawal fee to the FMLS.  Because of this, I reserve the right to work only with sellers that I deem to be serious about getting their home sold.  I am willing to invest my time and money upfront only if you show me that you are willing to do what has to be done to get your home sold. Make It Right Guarantee: I am TrustDale Certified by consumer investigator Dale Cardwell.  The last thing I want is to have Dale Cardwell doing an investigation on me. 



Why Can I Offer So Much for So Little?

Low Broker Fees

 Atlanta Communities is a local brokerage  whose agents get charged a very low office fee.  Other agents with national brands give up 50% of their commissions to their brokers which makes it difficult to cut their fees.

Serious Sellers

I interview all my sellers upfront to make sure that they are serious and are willing to do what it takes to get their home sold.

My system requires sellers to be proactive and prepared.

Higher Priced Homes

My average price point is higher which makes the numbers work. 

Referral Based Marketing

Limited advertising. Just a great offer with an inexpensive website.  I  rely on happy clients to refer me to their friends and family.

How Much 5% Saves You vs. "Standard" 6% Fee
Home Sales Price Savings
$2,000,0000 $20,000
$1,000,000 $10,000
$800,000 $8,000
$600,000 $6,000
$500,000 $5,000
$400,000 $4,000
$300,000 $3,000
$250,000 $1,500
<$200,000 0
5% total commission for homes above $300,000 vs. 6% that many agents usually charge. Use Savings Calculator for homes under $300,000

Savings Calculator

Purchase Price of Home: $   Enter Home Price


(Buyer's agent still receives a 3% commission)

Let's Meet and Go Over a Plan of Action

Allow me 60 minutes to evaluate your home and discuss what needs to be done for a successful sale. 

I'll let you know where you'll get the most bang for the buck.  I can share with you some of my trusted service people who can get things done for less than you might think.

Tim Maitski, Realtor
Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I really get full service?

I really don't know how to do it any other way.  I do more than the majority of agents who charge 6-7%.

Please shop around first before you call me.


Why don't you give a break for homes under $200,000?
I spend a significant amount of money upfront and the numbers just don't work for homes under $200,000.  I still will do the whole system for homes at any price but I will need to charge a "standard" 6%.


Other agents seem to really bad mouth the idea of discounts.

They sure do. They might say something like "You get what you pay for."  

The biggest reason that I can offer a discount while others can't comes down to two things.  Lower overhead costs and more volume.

Many agents pay up to 50% of their commissions to their broker or to referral fees to relocation companies.  Many other agents just don't do enough sales so they need to make as much as they can on every sale.

I structured my business to have low overhead and my great deal brings me lots of business.


What's the catch?

There is none. This is a real deal. You work with an experienced, full time, savvy negotiating agent who was smart enough to create a profitable business model that not only makes him a lot of money but allows him to offer listings at a significant discount.

No upfront fees.  Absolutely no cost to you.  It doesn't get any better than this.

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things!

Kostadin Doukov:  Tim is an agent who has a thorough understanding of the Atlanta market. He is up-front and honest and gives the most realistic advice, rather than the one the buyer or seller wants to hear.

Tim was our agent when we purchased our home in 2008. He was extremely organized (we could go though  multiple properties in a thoughtful manner) and pointed out things that may be of interest to us or could cause problems. As a buyers agent, he was there to protect us and we felt that we had the right person on our side at all times.

We sold our house and Tim was our selling agent in 2015. Selling a house is a significantly more stressful experience than buying one. We contacted Tim several months before we wanted to put the house on the market. Tim performed an initial analysis of the sale and was extremely diligent in pointing to us the things we should improve, the items that are not of great significance, the best time to put the house on the market, the marketing strategy, suggested price, etc. We were selling through a relocation company and Tim was great in following all of the relocation company rules without putting too much burden on us. I felt at ease discussing with Tim any part of the sale and knew that he would have a point of view and a direction to guide me to. He was great in telling me when my thought process or analysis was not realistic and could delay the sale of the house.

At the end it was a marvelous experience and I would recommend Tim to everyone looking to buy or sell in Atlanta

Rosemary and Stephen Wachtel: We recently purchased a home and one of the best decisions we made was choosing Tim Maitski as our agent. He was very knowledgeable about the market, accommodated our schedule, and had great suggestions throughout the entire process. We appreciated how hard he worked to negotiate the best possible deal for us. On top of all these great things, he provided a generous rebate that most other agents wouldn't even consider. We HIGHLY recommend him !


Jeannie Blom MD, Physician/Medical Director:

 I'm a physician and Medical Director and I had the privilege of obtaining Tim Maitski as my buyers agent. Tim worked with me for 5 months making sure I got my dream home at a dream price. We consider Tim family. His honesty and integrity are legendary. The level of service he provides is beyond compare. Tim is the Clark Howard of real estate and I would not do business with anyone else. Tim's advocacy skills exceed top attorneys. He truly has your best interest at heart at all times. Once you work with Tim, no one else will ever suffice. Like the iconic lyrics of Tina Turner, he is "Simply the Best".

Ned Mulligan, Head Chaplain at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School

We moved from Rhode Island and we had four days to buy a home. We saw 22 homes in a day, made two offers, and had a contract on the home we bought two days later. He is the best, most professional, and thoughtful realtor with whom I have ever worked and I have owned quite a few homes.

Art Linton,  Study Abroad Advisor Emory University

Tim Maitski was a pleasure to work with in helping my wife and I find our first home. Tim knew the market inside and out and was easy to work with, flexible, knowledgeable and a straight shooter who tells it like it is. He is very confident and low pressure on clients. Trustworthy, consistently very reliable and a great guy too! He is very experienced as a real estate agent and I give him my highest recommendations. If you are looking for a home in Atlanta, Tim is your man!


Time Limits Me to Working with

Only 4 Sellers/Month

Secure Your Listing Opportunity Now...

There's Really Nothing to Lose

Call 404-216-0472



This offer has nothing to do with any other agent at Atlanta Communities other than Tim Maitski.
Each agent is an independent contractor who can choose to do business as they so desire.









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We have sold homes inside the perimeter and outside the perimeter.  We can't know everything so for clients who want to look for property in Peachtree City, Newnan, Stone Mountain, Douglasville, Macon and areas further out we will gladly recommend a good agent who specializes in those areas.

We help buyers negotiate with builders for residential new construction houses. New houses in Atlanta are hot right now. We can represent you in the purchase of your new house built by any of the following builders: Torrey Homes, MDC Homes, Centex Homes, Pulte Homes, Morrison Homes, Ryland Homes, John Wieland Homes, Winmark Homes, Meridian Homes, John Willis Homes, Benchmark Homes and many more home builders.

We can help clients find short term apartments for rent but normally we don't work with clients who are just looking for rentals.  We do help clients find Atlanta condos.  We can also help you purchase HUD homes in Atlanta.  We are an authorized agent with them and have the HUD key to get into HUD homes.  We have access to foreclosure homes that banks want to sell.

We love showing executive homes and luxury homes. We always like to know how people find our site.  Send us an email and tell us which search term you used. Some terms that we might be found by are realty Atlanta, Ga homes, Atlanta realty, condos Atlanta, Atlanta realestate, Atlanta property, houses Atlanta, Atlanta realtors, Ga houses, or realtors Atlanta.  Maybe you found us by typing in Atlanta MLS listings, or Atlanta MLS search, or MLS Atlanta GA. Hopefully we don't come up under nursing homes or funeral homes.

It is always amazing to me how the Internet can allow total strangers to find each other and build new business relationships.  It truly is becoming a small, interconnected world.


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